Guest Speaker from 360Kids in Richmond Hill - Dan Zaroski

Dan Zaroski, Director at 360 Kids addressed our Knight of Columbus - Oak Ridges Council Jan 6th, 2020. The knights are quite familiar with this organization as the Knights have frequently donated food for their kitchen.

Dan spoke about the organization in helping the youth stay off the street and have a place to call home. Here's few things he covered:

"As an organization with a history spanning over 30 years helping vulnerable and at-risk youth we believe that every kid matters. 360°kids pride ourselves on our unique 360 delivery model which identify the needs of our clients on an individual basis – these are kids who we get to know personally and understand deeply to better assist them for their journey of healing and recovery. We centralize our support and care on our four main areas of relevancy: housing, employment, education and health-well-being. We have found through our years of experience and extensive research applying a multi-faceted approach  has helped our youth reach full independence and self-sufficiency. They are taught the life skills and financial literacy needed to operate in the world by giving them the tools to make it long-term and sustainable".

This is one of the organization that the Knights of Columbus support. You can help by donating directly to 360 Kids or supporting the event that the Knights of Columbus host each year.

The 360° Experience event helps raise money and awareness for youth who are in crisis by allowing particpants like myself brave the harsh realities of homelessness through first-hand experience. This will be my 4th time walking in the shoes of a homeless youth.  This event is on Thursday March 5, 2020  and I will be participating along with many local and prominent local leaders to bring light to this growing issue. I understand that for many funds are tight this time of the year, however, the sacrifice you make to donate to 360°kids will help at-risk and homeless youth directly.  360°kids was named by Maclean's magazine as one of Canada's top 100 charities in 2020.  You can help support this cause by making a secure online donation to help vulnerable and at-risk homeless youth in York Region reach a place of safety and stability.

Thank you for your support!

Your online donation can be submitted by using your credit card. Click on the link below:



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